Employee Trust and Protection

People First is designed to address the primary barriers to reporting harassment: safety, and protection against retaliation. The software provides employees a safe, easy, and confidential way to report harassment on their mobile devices, using a simple form, a clear voice, a transparent workflow, and a process that holds their company accountable should the report be ignored. By adopting People First, and owning the process, companies build trust and show their employees that they want to do right by them.

Lawsuit Prevention

Many executives make the mistake of thinking that easier reporting leads to more reports, which lead to lawsuits. The fact is that more reports mean reporting at the first signs of harassment before they become a severe pattern which creates lawsuits. Reporting should be encouraged because it facilitates identification and opportunities for prevention.

Reporting and Data

There is a lot of value in workplace data. People First provides aggregated workplace data, so companies can identify harassment trends in multiple ways, including by department, location, seniority, and gender, to help HR shape policy and take appropriate action.