New York State and New York City anti-sexual harassment mandates are in effect, and the first deadline for training compliance is October 9th, 2019.

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The mandates require more rigorous policy, training, disclosure, and internal procedures to better protect employees from workplace harassment. NYS and NYC require all public and private companies to develop these internal complaint processes regardless of size.

Both NYS and NYC have created “model” examples that meet the minimum requirements for each of the materials listed below with the exception of an internal complaint process. Companies may choose to create or use their own materials that either meet or exceed the minimum requirements. You can find the links to the model examples and information about the minimum requirements in the chart below. 

About People First

People First is a technology platform for reporting and resolving workplace harassment. The software provides functionality for reporting, internal and external escalation, record-keeping, workplace analysis, confidentiality, and security to comply with both the “complaint form” and the “internal complaint process” requirement of the mandates. 

Additionally, People First analytics enable executives to make data-driven decisions with their most important asset - their talent.


Your organization can achieve compliance by using the table below as a guide.

  • Every New York State employer must fulfill the requirements in Column A.

  • New York City employers with 15+ employees must fulfill the requirements in Column A to meet state standards and additional requirements in Column B to meet the city’s standards. 

  • Independent contractors who work more than 80 hours in a calendar year and for at least 90 days should also receive training

ALL NYS Employers Deadline Guidelines
Company Size NYC Employers
With 0 to 14 Employees
NYC Employers
With 15+ Employees
Annual Training Presentation
Case Studies
Additional Training October 9, 2019 (NYS)
December 31, 2019 (NYC)
Must be interactive, and employers must
keep records of completion with employee
Sexual Harassment Policy Updated Policy Updated Policy October 9, 2018 (NYS)
April 1, 2019 (NYC)
Policy update with specific language, distribute to all
employees electronically or in print
Fact Sheet N/A Fact Sheet October 9, 2018 (NYS)
April 1, 2019 (NYC)
Must be distributed to new employees
at the time of hire.
Available in several languages
Poster Poster
Required Notice (English)
Required Notice (Spanish)
October 9, 2018 (NYS)
April 1, 2019 (NYC)
Must be displayed in a conspicuous area
in both English and Spanish
Complaint Form Complaint Form Complaint Form October 9, 2018 (NYS)
April 1, 2019 (NYC)
Must be distributed to all employees.
Implementation of People First’s platform
meets this requirement:
Get started
Internal Complaint Process Required to meet NYS requirement Required to meet NYS requirement October 9, 2018 (NYS)
April 1, 2019 (NYC)
Implementation of People First’s platform
meets this requirement:
Get started

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