How It Works


Transparent Process

If an employee believes they experienced or witnessed harassment, they can submit a report in four steps Once submitted, HR and the reporter will have equal visibility into the process until a resolution is reached.

Internal resolution of claims that do not result in legal fees take an average of 275 days
— EEOC Task Force On The Study Of Harassment In The Workplace


Automated Escalation

Reports follow an escalation path designated by HR. Encourage timely resolutions within your HR team. If a report isn’t resolved in a predetermined amount of time, It is automatically escalated to a more senior member on the path. Unacknowledged or unresolved reports escalate to the appropriate city, state, and federal agencies.

Only 10% of workplace harassment is reported.  A big reason is that 75% of reported cases result in some form of retaliation.
— EEOC Task Force On The Study Of Harassment In The Workplace


Resolution and Closure

Resolution happens when both the victim and company agree that the matter has been resolved, giving both the victim and company closure.  Periodic check-ins prevent retaliation.

39% of all cases are resolved unfavorably for the complainant.  That goes to 49% for women.
— Hiscox Workplace Harassment Study