Terms of Service


Effective Date: January 01, 2019

Welcome to People First RH! This document is a binding agreement between People First RH, LLC (“People First”, “we”, “our”) and the user (“you”, “your”). Therefore, please read the following rules and guidelines (“Terms”) that govern your use of People First, including the software, features, services and information we offer to you. You should only use People First software if you have carefully read and fully agree with these Terms. We are constantly updating and improving People First, so we may update these Terms at any time. Please check the latest Terms before you use People First.

Our Services

Our mission is to create workplace equity through transparency and accountability. To achieve this goal, we provide the following services and features to you:

  1. Secure internal reporting of harassment claims for victims and witnesses.

  2. Visible workflow, such as your employer’s escalation path, and time to resolution.

  3. Public reporting of anonymized, aggregated data to various platforms, e.g., LinkedIn, Glassdoor, as appropriate.

  4. Automatic reporting to regional, and national regulators, to the extent possible.

 We should also tell you what services People First does not and cannot provide.

  1. We are not a legal service, so please do not interpret anything from us as legal advice. Also, we cannot represent you if you decide to pursue legal action against your employer.

  2. We may not offer People First in your preferred language.

  3. We do not check your report. We may check the material and factual parts of your report before you submit.

  4. We do not guarantee that your report will be resolved. People First only makes a mutually beneficial outcomes more likely.

  5. We are not aware of any other terms of service for platforms through which you may access People First, such as your employer’s HR portal or a people experience application. You should read those terms of service carefully.

  6. We do not control the timing for submission to regulators, nor their requirements, responsiveness, or associated fees.

  7. We do not control the availability and stability of your internet connection.

Your Commitment to Us

We provide our services to you to help advance our mission. In return, you agree to the following:

  1. You will only use People First for its intended purpose.

  2. You will not use People First for any unlawful, misleading, discriminatory, or fraudulent purposes.

  3. You agree that we may upgrade, update, remove, or add features.

  4. You give us permission to contact you by SMS/text, phone, email, or mail.

  5. You give us permission to use your electronic signature when appropriate.

  6. You give us permission to submit your report to the applicable local, state, or federal government, when appropriate.

  7. You give us permission to have an applicable locate, state, or federal government agency contact you, when appropriate.

  8. You will not copy, edit, sell, lease, assign, or reverse engineer any part of People First.

  9. You give us permission to suspend your account if we notice anything suspicious.

  10. You read these Terms and agree to the Terms, in their entirety.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

We work hard to achieve our mission and require everyone who uses People First to abide by these Terms. However, we provide People First “as is”, and we cannot guarantee that People First will be available, secure, or free of errors. We can only be liable to the amount of your employer’s last purchase of People First, although some states may not allow such a limitation. We will not be liable to you, under any circumstances, for damages including lost wages, data, information. Also, we are not liable for any damage to reputation, or earnings potential.  


We provided these Terms to you to avoid disputes between you and us. We believe that most concerns can be resolved quickly if you contact us at support@peoplefirstRH.com.

In the unlikely event that Customer Service is unable to resolve your concern to your satisfaction, you agree that these Terms require remedies on an individual basis to resolve disputes, and without jury trials.