A new way to report and resolve workplace harassment.


People First is next-generation software that goes beyond reporting to assisting in resolution. A process that empowers employees and gives employers the tools to build trust.

A company is only as good as its employees and creating a safe; culture goes a long way in attracting and retaining talent.


Benefits to Employees

People First is for a safer experience, it has a transparent and accountable process. The software is simple to use and allows for anonymous witness reporting. We even provide counseling options.

People First also provides more protection for the employee. They have a clear voice in the resolution. They can compile and attach evidence to the reports. And People First has an automated escalation path to protect from retaliation.

Benefits to General Counsel

Building trust has never been more important. People First increases transparency for all during the entire process. It automatically escalates reports to ensure a timely resolution to cases. And allows two-way communication throughout the process so employees feel heard.

People First reduces missteps by providing better information with a comprehensive portal accessible to HR on the app and online. You can also customize alerts on internal harassment trends and be guided by historical database of all cases.


Benefits to Progressive Leaders

Progressive leaders understand how crucial their staff is to creating a successful company. People First promotes inclusivity by allowing all types of workplace harassment to be reported and resolved. Resolution verification from victim ensures mutual satisfaction.

Great cultures are built by progressive leaders. People First is a tool for building better cultures by using deep analytics to increase staff effectiveness and improve organizational design. And quick resolutions to cases to promote workplace happiness and circumvent public backlash.