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Transparency and accountability resolve workplace harassment

Only 10% of workplace harassment is reported, and 75% of reported cases result in some form of retaliation

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A new solution that makes life at work better for everyone.

Experiencing workplace harassment is hard enough. Reporting, and resolving it shouldn’t be. Our software goes beyond reporting by facilitating a resolution for employees experiencing workplace harassment. In doing so, we drive transparency and accountability for all ensuring that everyone is working in a safe and inclusive work environment.

We create workplace transparency, so you can create workplace equity


Change is never easy. For decades companies have been using the same old playbook when it comes to work-placement harassment, but times have changed. Today modern companies and progressive CEO’s know the value of company culture, reputation and employee trust. Doing the right thing, staying ahead of the curve and building a foundation for long term success rarely means doing the easy thing.


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"People First has already changed the culture in the office."

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