We’re on a mission to create workplace transparency, so you can create workplace equity.

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A new solution to an old problem

People First is creating a new process for reporting and resolving workplace harassment. A process that is transparent for you and your employees. A process that demonstrates you’re committed to being a part of the solution.

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  • Simple and confidential victim reporting on your app

  • Anonymous witness reporting

  • Ability to verify harassment claims before they are reported to HR

  • Confidentially attach evidence to reports

  • A clear voice in resolution

  • Transparent and accountable process

  • Escalation for retaliation

  • Counseling option


Human resources

  • Comprehensive portal accessible to HR on the app and online

  • Automatic alerts at each step

  • Customizable alerts on internal harassment trends

  • Automatic escalation

  • Documentation of each step of the workflow

  • Historical database of all cases


  • Aggregate harassment data

  • Data points on HR effectiveness

  • Respect and pulse reporting

  • Resolution verification from victim

  • Tracking on confirmed case closures

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Transparency transforms culture

Increase diversity and inclusion

Improve retention

Save money

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